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What Does a Blue Jay Build the Nest?

If you’re lucky enough to spot a blue jay, you might also get to see where they make their home. These beautiful birds build their nests in trees, and they’re actually quite skilled at it. So, what does a blue jay build the nest with? Keep reading to find out!

What do blue jays use for nests?

The blue jay is a North American bird species that is known for its striking blue plumage. These birds are also known to be very intelligent and resourceful, which is likely why they are such successful nesting birds. Blue jays typically use twigs, leaves, and grasses to construct their nests, which are usually built in trees or shrubs. These nests are typically cup-shaped and lined with soft materials such as feathers, hair, or plant down.

While blue jays will sometimes reuse old nests, they will also build new ones each breeding season. This means that blue jays often have multiple nests throughout their lifetime. This is likely due to the fact that these birds are very territorial and will defend their nests vigorously from predators and other blue jays.

So, what do blue jays use for nests? Mostly twigs, leaves, and grasses, which they skillfully weave together to create a sturdy and protective home for their young.

Do Blue Jays return to the same nest every year?

Yes, blue jays will typically return to the same nest year after year. They will use the same nest for multiple years, adding new material each year to repair any damage that may have occurred over the winter. Blue jays will also use their nest to raise their young.

How often do Blue Jays have babies?

Blue Jays typically have two broods of babies per year. The first brood is usually born in May or early June, and the second brood is born in July or early August. The average clutch size is three to five eggs, but can range from two to seven eggs. The incubation period is 18 days.

What is a blue jays favorite food?

A blue jay’s favorite food is typically acorns, but they will also eat insects, fruits, and seeds. The blue jay is known to cache, or store, acorns for later consumption.

What month do blue jays lay their eggs?

In North America, blue jays typically lay their eggs in April or May. The female will lay between two and six eggs in a nest made of twigs, leaves, and other vegetation, which is usually located in a tree. Both parents will help to incubate the eggs for about two weeks, until they hatch.

The young blue jays, called chicks, are born without any feathers and are unable to fly. Both parents will care for the chicks, feeding them insects and other small prey until they are old enough to fend for themselves.

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What kind of trees do blue jays nest in?

Blue Jays are known to nest in a variety of trees, including oak, maple, and pine. In fact, they will often nest in the same tree year after year. While the type of tree may vary, blue jays typically prefer trees with dense foliage. This provides them with cover from predators and helps to keep their nest hidden.


The blue jay is a beautiful bird that is known for its striking blue plumage. These birds are also known for their intelligence and resourcefulness. When it comes to building a nest, blue jays are very meticulous. They will use whatever materials they have at their disposal to construct a sturdy and comfortable nest. This includes twigs, leaves, grass, and even human hair. Blue jays will also line their nests with soft materials like moss or feathers to make sure their chicks are warm and comfortable.

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