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Why Are Hummingbirds Chasing Each Other?

Are you ever outside enjoying a beautiful day when you see two hummingbirds chasing each other in circles? It looks like they are playing, but what are they really doing? Why are hummingbirds chasing each other?

Why do hummingbirds run off other hummingbirds?

One of the most common questions we get asked about hummingbirds why they seem to be constantly chasing each other away. The answer has to do with territory and food.

Hummingbirds are very territorial creatures, and they will fight to defend their patch of flowers or feeder from other hummingbirds. This is especially true during the breeding season, when males are trying to attract females to their territory.

The other reason hummingbirds chase each other away is for food. Hummingbirds are constantly on the lookout for nectar, and they will compete with each other for the best feeding spots.

So, if you see a hummingbird chasing another one away, it’s likely because it’s trying to protect its territory or get access to the best food source.

How do you keep hummingbirds from fighting?

If you have more than one hummingbird visiting your feeders, you may notice them chasing each other away or even fighting over the sugar water. While it may seem cute, it’s actually a serious matter for the birds.

The best way to keep hummingbirds from fighting is to provide multiple feeders in different locations. This way, each bird can have its own space and there is no need to compete for food. You can also try to stagger the time you refill the feeders so that not all of them are empty at the same time.

If you have tried these tips and the birds are still fighting, you may need to move the feeders farther apart so they are not in such close proximity to each other. By giving the hummingbirds some space, you can help reduce the chances of them fighting over the sugar water.

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Why do hummingbirds dive bomb each other?

If you have multiple hummingbirds visiting your feeders, you may notice them engaging in what looks like fighting behavior. While it may appear that they are fighting, they are actually just defending their territories.

Each hummingbird has its own personal space that it defends from other hummingbirds. The best way to keep them from fighting is to provide multiple feeders so that each one has its own space to defend. You can also try moving the feeders around so that the hummingbirds have to re-establish their territories.

Are hummingbirds fighting or playing?

Some people believe that when hummingbirds zoom around and chase each other, they are actually fighting. However, experts say that these birds are simply playing.

For one thing, fighting hummingbirds would be a waste of energy. These birds need all the energy they can get to survive. They burn up to 100 calories per day, which is about double the amount of an average human.

Plus, if they were fighting, they would likely be using their beaks and claws as weapons. But when hummingbirds play, they don’t hurt each other. Instead, they chase each other and fly close to each other, but they don’t make contact.

So, the next time you see hummingbirds chasing each other, rest assured that they are just playing.


We may never know exactly why hummingbirds chase each other, but it’s clear that these tiny birds are full of energy and life. Every day, they bring joy to those who are lucky enough to see them. We can all learn a lot from these amazing creatures.

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