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Where Are Parakeet Ears?

Some people may not know this, but parakeet ears are located on the top of their head. This is why you often see them cocking their heads to one side, as they are trying to figure out what is going on around them.

Unlike some other bird species, parakeets do not have any external auditory features that stick out from their head.

Instead, their ears are hidden underneath all of those feathers. If you want to get a good look at your parakeet’s ears, you will need to part its hair and look closely at the top of its head.

Where Are the Birds Ears Located?

The ear of a bird is located on the side of its head, just behind the eye. The outer ear is made up of a thin, curved piece of skin called the auricular feather, which helps to funnel sound waves into the inner ear.

Within the inner ear are two small bones, the malleus and stapes, which transmit vibrations from the eardrum to the cochlea.

The cochlea is a small, coiled tube filled with fluid that helps to amplify sound waves and send them to the brain.

Where Are Parakeet Ears?

On either side of a parakeet’s head are its ears. These small, round organs are located just behind the bird’s eyes.

Each ear is covered by a thin layer of feathers, which helps to protect the ear from dirt and debris. The ear openings are very small, and they are often difficult to see.

Parakeets use their ears to help them locate sounds. By tilting their heads, parakeets can direct sounds toward their ears.

This helps them to better hear their surroundings and to communicate with other parakeets.

The ears also play an important role in balance. Parakeets have a very good sense of balance, and this is partly due to their well-developed inner ears.

How Sensitive Are Parakeets Ears?

Do parakeets have sensitive ears? It’s hard to say for sure, as there is limited research on this subject. However, it seems that they may be somewhat sensitive to loud noises and sudden changes in sound levels.

If you have a parakeet, it might be a good idea to avoid making loud noises near them or playing music at high volumes.

Additionally, if you notice your parakeet getting agitated or seeming uncomfortable when there are loud sounds nearby, it might be best to move them to a quieter location.

Do Parakeets Ears?

Yes, parakeets have ears. They are located on the sides of their heads, just behind their eyes. Their ears are small and not very noticeable.

However, they are very important for a parakeet’s hearing. Without their ears, they would not be able to hear very well.

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How Sensitive Are Budgies Ears?

Budgies are very sensitive to loud noises and can easily become frightened or agitated if they are suddenly exposed to loud sounds. It is important to gradually introduce your budgie to new and potentially loud environments so that they can slowly get used to the new noise level.

If you have other pets in the home, it is also important to make sure that they do not make too much noise around the budgie as this can also cause them stress.


In conclusion, birds ears are located on the side of their head near their eyes. Budgies and parakeets have very sensitive ears and can hear high-pitched sounds that humans cannot.

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