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Will Woodpeckers Eat Safflower Seeds?

Woodpeckers are known to eat a variety of different seeds, and safflower seeds are no exception. Many people believe that safflower seeds are poisonous to birds, but this is not the case. Woodpeckers will readily eat safflower seeds, and they can even be used as a food source for these birds. If you’re looking to attract woodpeckers to your yard, then safflower seeds are a great option.

What birds wont eat safflower seeds?

There are many reasons why birds might not eat safflower seeds. Safflower seeds are small and hard, making them difficult for some birds to eat. Additionally, safflower seeds have a high fat content, which can be unhealthy for birds if they eat too many of them. Some birds also simply don’t like the taste of safflower seeds. If you’re having trouble getting birds to eat safflower seeds, you might want to try another type of bird food.

Why won’t my birds eat safflower seeds?

Safflower seeds are a type of bird food that many people recommend. However, some birds seem to avoid them altogether. There are a few possible reasons for this.

One possibility is that the safflower seeds are not as appealing to the bird’s sense of smell as other types of food. Another possibility is that the safflower seeds are not as easy for the bird to digest as other types of food. Finally, it is possible that the safflower seeds contain a toxin that is harmful to birds.

If you are having trouble getting your bird to eat safflower seeds, you may want to try a different type of bird food.

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Do Blue Jays eat safflower?

The answer is yes, blue jays will eat safflower. This is because safflowers are a type of seed that blue jays like to eat. The safflower is a small, red flower that grows in the wild. It is also the state flower of California.

Do safflower seeds make a mess?

Safflower seeds are known to be a bit messy, as they can often be scattered about when they are first planted. However, once they have sprouted and begun to grow, they are not nearly as messy as other types of seeds. In fact, they are quite easy to take care of and only require occasional watering and fertilizing.

Do red headed woodpeckers eat safflower seeds?

Red headed woodpeckers are known to eat a variety of different seeds, including safflower seeds. While the exact percentage of their diet that consists of safflower seeds is unknown, it is safe to say that they do eat them on a regular basis.

Safflower seeds are a good source of nutrition for red headed woodpeckers, as they are high in fat and protein. This makes them an ideal food source for these birds, especially during the winter months when other food sources may be scarce. In addition, safflower seeds are also small and easy for red headed woodpeckers to eat, which is another reason why they are a popular choice for these birds.


Although safflower seeds are not a preferred food source for woodpeckers, they will eat them if they are available. If you are hoping to attract woodpeckers to your backyard with a safflower seed feeder, you may be disappointed. However, if you already have woodpeckers in your area, they may visit your safflower seed feeder from time to time.

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